Special Interest Group on
Cooperative Robotics

This web portal provides an aggregation point for people interested in collaborative robotics, multirobot coordination, and collective robotics. This portal is provided as part of the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Cooperative Robotics of European Robotics Research Network (EURON). EURON, and this SIG, were created on funds from the European Commission (EC), and now run on a voluntary basis.

The purpose of this SIG is to meet the tremendous interest in cooperative robots of different types for many emerging applications, and to foster Europe's position as leader in this field. This SIG intends to act as a catalyst in amalgamating the increasing number of European research groups in this field. It provides an infrastructure for scientific exchange and high-level education in this area, and a point of contact between academia and industry. It organizes educational and scientific events. It also maintains links with other related entities in Europe and worldwide.

The key technology areas addressed by this SIG include: task allocation, cooperative planning and execution, cooperative perception, multirobot mapping and localization, formal models of multirobot plans, multirobot learning, self-configuration, middleware for multirobot systems, truly heterogeneous cooperating robots, networked robotics, robot ecologies, the inclusion of humans in multirobot teams. An important horizontal issue is benchmarking of cooperative robotic systems, including the definition of suitable benchmark scenarios and performance measures.

The key application domains include: collaborative manipulation, space and underwater exploration, domestic robotics, entertainment, surveillance, search and rescue.