AI for Robotics:
Where are the fruits, and how do we pick them?
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A workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2017 — Edinburgh, UK, March 22


It is increasingly evident that, in order to enter new markets, robots will need to possess cognitive capabilities such as understanding, planning, learning, anticipating, adaptation, and natural human-robot interaction. Realizing these capabilities has been the focus of AI research for 60 years, leading to the development of a wide set of theories, methodologies and algorithms. It is therefore natural to ask:

Answering these questions will help the robotics community to map the landscape of relevant AI tools, and to identify the research problems that need to be solved in order to make those tools actually usable.

The objective of this workshop is to provide initial answers to these questions through an open discussion between two cohorts of actors: on one hand researchers, developers and end-users of robotic systems, who are aware of the challenges, opportunities and priorities in their areas; and on the other hand experts from the AI field, who are aware of the capabilities, limitations and possible extensions of AI technologies.

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This workshop is organized by the SPARC Topic Group AICoR (AI and Cognition in Robotics). Workshop chairs:


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