AI for Robotics:
Where are the fruits, and how do we pick them?
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A workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2017 — Edinburgh, UK, March 22


The core part of this session will be a set of group discussions, ignited by a series of brief position statements by a few Robotics and AI experts.

A useful background document for everyone attending this workshop is the RockEU2 Deliverable D3.1: "Industrial Priorities for Cognitive Robotics".

Guidelines to the Speakers

In their statements, the experts are expected to provide answers to one or more of the following questions. Presentations by experts should be limited to maximum 5 slides (including title) for a total duration of maximum 5 minutes.

Q1: The Demand What are the challenges, opportunities and priorities in future robotic systems that require cognitive capabilities?
Q2: The Offer What are the AI methods and tools that are sufficiently mature and usable to be deployed in robotic systems? What cognitive capabilities do they provide?
Q3: The Gaps What are the AI methods and tools that would provide a great added value to robotic systems, but are not ready to be used in this domain yet? What are the main limiting factors (e.g., assumptions made, modeling effort, computational complexity)? How difficult is it to overcome them?
Q4: The Infrastructure How can we make the offer and demand meet? How can we make the tools easily available to potential users? Do we need to develop a layer that connects demand and offer?
Q5: The Low Hanging Fruits (I) Give an example of a cognitive ability that would produce a large impact in robotics. Do we have mature AI methods and tools to provide this ability, that are "almost ready" to be used in robotics? What's missing to be "ready"?
Q6: The Low Hanging Fruits (II) Give an example of a deployed robotic system that uses AI methods and tools. What is the added value for robotics? How can we export this to other robots? If possible, focus on European AI research and results from EU projects.


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