AI and Cognition in EU Robotic Projects:
Current Landscape and Future Priorities
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  A workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2016
  Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 22

Post-Event Summary

The Workshop

The "AI and Cognition in EU Robotic Projects" workshop took place at the European Robotics Forum (ERF) 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on March 22, 2016. The main objectives of the workshop were to provide a common forum where relevant EU projects can meet, gain mutual awareness, and discuss synergies, and to discuss the landscape of problems and solutions in AI and Cognition in Robotics as well as the future strategic directions. This workshop was organized by the SPARC Topic Group AICoR (AI and Cognition in Robotics), in cooperation with EUCog (European Association for Cognitive Systems).

The Activities

The workshop was allocated a 90 minute slot. This time was used mainly for short presentations (teaser style) so as to provide a broader view and more networking opportunities, leaving the technical details for offline discussions. The short presentations are availble on the program page.

The event was attended by more than 110 people from industry and academia, and it qualifies as a great success. There was a clear urge to discuss many issues, but time was very limited. The comments collected after the workshop were very positive, and many pushed to continue the activities in this direction. It was suggested to continue the discussion on the "ai-robotics" Wiki space ( and/or throught the "ai-robotics" mailing list ( Please contact Alessandro Saffiotti if you wish to register to the above Wiki space and/or mailing list.

Related events

This workshop was one of the four events devoted to issues of AI and Cognition in robotic systems:

Many of the attendants, as well as most of the organizers, participated in all these four events, thus ensuring coordination and communication among them. Please refer to the above pages for more information about the related events.


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