AI and Cognition in EU Robotic Projects:
Current Landscape and Future Priorities
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  A workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2016
  Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 22

Guidelines for the Attendants

We have in front of us an exciting topic, a large number of issues, and... just 90 minutes for all this! To make effective use of this time, we will need to stick to a well organized structure and schedule. We therefore invite all the presenters to follow the guidelines and timing given below.

Scheduled EU project presentations

Each project has been allocated a slot of 8 minutes. Your presentation should take maximum 6 minutes, folled by 2 minutes for questions. We will strictly enfoce this timing!

Please use max 3 slides to give a very general overview of the project (objectives, consortium, duration, approach, and methodology); and then 4 slides to answer the following specific questions (AICo stands for "AI and Cognition"):

  1. What are the main AICo techniques used in your project?
  2. What are the main technological challenges in your project that these AICo techniques are meant to address?
  3. Have you found these techniques mature enough to use in a robotic system? If not, what is missing?
  4. Have you found that these techniques add value to your project or product? More or less than you expected? Why?

Spontaneous EU project presentations

If you attend this Workshop and you part of a running or recently completed EU project that uses AI and Cognition in Robotics, we would like to hear about your project. Please come prepared to give a 1 (one!) minute, slide-free informal introduction to your project, possibly answering some of questions 4-7 above.

Panel discussion

Each presenter is invited to participate in the panel discussion on "Current landscape, overlaps, gaps and burning problems". The discussion will start from the answers given to questions 4-7 above. Please come prepared to also state your opinion on the following two general issues:


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