AI and Cognition in EU Robotic Projects:
Current Landscape and Future Priorities
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  A workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2016
  Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 22


While many current EU projects are dealing with the use of AI and Cognition technologies in robotic systems, these efforts are not always sufficiently connected. One of the goals of the AICoR topic group in euRobotics is to increase awareness, communication and cross-fertilization among EU projects which are related to AI and Cognition in robotics. This workshop will pursue this goal, but it will also go one step further in using current experience to set future strategic directions for EU projects on AI and Cognition in Robotics.


This workshop has three specific objectives:

  1. to provide a common forum where relevant projects can meet, gain mutual awareness, and discuss synergies;
  2. to discuss the landscape of problems and solutions addressed by recent EU projects, and identify overlaps and gaps; and
  3. given this landscape, to agree on future strategic directions for AI and Cognition in Robotics.


This workshop is organized by the SPARC Topic Group AICoR (AI and Cognition in Robotics), in cooperation with EUCog (European Association for Cognitive Systems).

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