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  The First Workshop of the AICoR Topic Group of euRobotics
  European Robotics Forum, Rovereto, Italy, March 12, 2014

Workshop Program

The workshop will consist of three major parts:

8:30 Start of Workshop
8:30 Welcome and Introduction (Alessandro Saffiotti and David Vernon) PDF
8:35 Organization of AICoR (Alessandro Saffiotti) PDF
9:00 Joint work on the MAR
9:00 Introduction to the MAR work (David Vernon) PDF
9:15 Task 1: System Abilities (J. Hertzberg & D. Nardi, presented by David Vernon) PDF
9:30 Task 2: Domains for Call-2 (Gerhard Kraetzschmar) PDF
9:45 Task 3: Technology and step changes (Moritz Tenorth) PDF
10:00 Future plans for AICoR
10:00 Assessment (Alessandro Saffiotti)
11:00 Open floor discussion (All)
10:25 Wrap-up (Alessandro Saffiotti and David Vernon)
10:30 End of Workshop


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