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  A workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2013
  Lyon, France, March 19

Workshop Program

The workshop will mainly consist of five parts:

The slides of each talk can be dowloaded via the "PDF" link. Copyrights are maintained by the respective author(s).

8:30 Start of Workshop
8:30 Welcome and Introduction (Alessandro Saffiotti, Örebro University, Sweden) pdf
8:40 EU Projects presentations
8:40 SAPHARI & ARCAS (Rachid Alami, LAAS CNRS, France) pdf
8:50 CogX & STRANDS (Marc Hanheide, University of Birmingham, UK) pdf
9:00 RACE (Bernd Neumann, University of Hamburg, Germany) pdf
9:10 RoboHow (Moritz Tenorth, University of Bremen, germany) pdf
9:20 Rosetta (Jacek Malec, University of Lund, Sweden) pdf
9:30 GeRT (Maximo Roa, DLR, Germany) pdf
9:30 GRASP (Michael Zillich, TU Wien, Austri) pdf
9:40 Benchmarking and Innovation:
9:40 The RoCKIn Coordinated Action (Pedro Lima, IST Lisbon, Portugal) pdf
9:50 AI and Robotics at Tecnalia (Arantxa Renteria, Tecnalia, Spain) pdf
9:55 AI and Robotics at MetraLabs (Andreas Bley, MetraLabs, Germany) pdf
10:00 Perspectives and discussion
10:00 Cognition meets Robotics: from FP5-FP6-FP7 to H2020 (Cécile Huet, EU Commission) pdf
10:15 Open floor discussion
10:25 Summing up (Alessandro Saffiotti, Örebro University, Sweden)
10:30 End of Workshop


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