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  A workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2013
  Lyon, France, March 19

Guidelines for the Speakers

We have in front of us an exciting topic, a large number of issues to be discussed, an impressive sample of successful projects, a multitude of inspiring presenters, and... only two hours for all of this! In order to make effective use of this short time, we will need to stick to a well organized structure and schedule. I therefore invite all the presenters to adhere strictly to the following guidelines and timing.

The workshop consists of five parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. EU project presentations
  3. Benchmarking and innovation
  4. Presentation of the viewpoint of the European Commission
  5. Open discussion and summing up

For presenters in part 2 - EU project presentations

We have a slot of 10 minutes for each project. Your presentation should take maximum 7 minutes (strict); we'll then use 2 minutes for questions, and 1 for switching to the next speaker. Please try to structure your presentation as follows:

For presenters in part 3 - Benchmarking and innovation

We have one "benchmarking" presentation, the RockIn C.A, taking 10 minutes. This should concentrate on the following question: can the RockIn competitions evaluate the contribution of AI to a robotic system? Then we have two "innovation" presentations, one by Tecnalia and one by MatraLab. Each one will take only 5 minutes, and it should concentrate on some of the following questions:

For all presenters

Remember: your presentation is _not_ meant to give a full overview of your company and projects - just impossible here! You should instead convey what are the past experiences of your company in integrating AI and Robotics, and what its future hopes. If you do that, you will ignite a lot of contacts and discussions after the workshop, and there you can give all the details.


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