IROS-2002 Workshop on
Cooperative Robotics
Final Program

8:30 Welcome and Introduction
8:40 Invited talk: Towards Practical Implementations of 100+ Heterogeneous Robot Teams, by Lynne Parker [abstract]
9:40 Paper session: Cooperative manipulation
  • Preliminary results on planning multi-robot cooperative manipulation tasks (Gravot and Alami)
  • Using attractor dynamics to generate decentralized motion control of two mobile robots transporting a long object in coordination (Soares and Bicho)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Paper session: Mapping and exploration
  • Toward a topological mapping with a multi-robot team (Menegatti and Pagello)
  • A cooperative agent based architecture for enviromental exploration and knowledge sharing by vision (Ruisi, Cossentino, Infantino, Chella and Pirrone)
  • Coordinated exploration of labyrinthine environments with application to the "pursuit evasion" problem (Pellier and Fiorino)
  • Localization and communication issues in pursuit-evader games (Speranzon and Johansson)
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Invited talk: RoboCup: Challenges, technical issues and lessons from the humanoid league, by Minoru Asada [abstract]
15:00 Group introductions: Quick round robin through the presented groups
15:20 Coffee break + Group posters
16:00 Paper session: Coordination
  • Multi-robot team response to a multi-robot opponent team (Bruce, Bowling, Browning, and Veloso)
  • Coordination in dynamic environments with constraints on resources (Farinelli, Grisetti, Iocchi, and Nardi)
  • A fuzzy based navigator for the coordination of a robot colony (LoGrosso, Massara, Sortino, Sorbello, Vitabile, and Chella)
  • An architecture to implement adaptive cooperative strategies for heterogeneous agents (Restelli and Bonarini)
  • High-level coordination of agents based on multiagent Markov decision processes with roles (Spaan, Vlassis and Groen)
18:00 End of workshop


Evening EuroN Activities
18:00 Meeting: SIG on Cooperative Rototics
20:00 Informal SIG dinner


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