IROS-2002 Workshop on
Cooperative Robotics
October 1, 2002  -  Lausanne, Switzerland

Paper format

Congratulation for having a paper accepted for presentation at the IROS-2002 Workshop on Cooperative Robotics! When revising your paper, please make sure to follow the reviewers' suggestions very carefully.

In order to appear in the Workshop proceedings, your paper must be formatted according to the IROS-2002 formatting instructions, available here [PDF]. (This document only tells you the format: the length and submission procedure are different.) If you are using LaTeX, please download the IROS.cls class file and the sample.tex sample file. The above files can also be downloaded from the IROS-2002 submission page.

Your paper should not exceed 8 (eight) pages. Please send your paper by email to as a PDF file by August 9, 2002. This is a hard deadline. Due to the strict publication constraints, papers arriving after this date will not be included in the Workshop proceedings. Also, note that only PDF format is acceptable. Please contact the Workshop chair if you have any problems with this.


At the same time when you send your paper, you should also register to IROS (main conference) and indicate in the registration form that you will attend the Workshop WS7. Registration can be done on-line at the IROS-2002 web site. When you register, please send a note to the Workshop chair to tell that you have registered. At least one author of each accepted paper must register to the workshop.

Paper presentation

Each paper will be allotted 20 minutes to be presented at the Workshop in a plenary session. The room will be equipped with overhead and LCD projectors. Please let the Workshop chair know if you have any special request for additional audio-video equipement.


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