The AAAI-14 Workshop on
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
July 27, 2014, Québec City, Québec, Canada

Workshop location: Room 207, 2nd floor of the Quebec Convention Center

Final Program

9:00 Start of Workshop
9:00 Welcome
9:10 Introduction to AI and Robotics
Alessandro Saffiotti
9:40 Paper session 1: Semantics
-> Spatial Language Processing for Assistive Robots with "Deep" Chunking and Semantic Grammars (T. Alexenko, M. Skubic, Z. Huo)
-> How Robots Can Recognize Activities and Plans Using Topic Models (R. Freedman, H.-T. Jung, R. Grupen, S. Zilberstein)
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Paper session 2: Autonomous behavior and plan execution
-> A Tree-Based Algorithm for Construction Robots (T.K.S. Kumar, S. Jung, S. Koenig)
-> Bounded Expectations for Discrepancy Detection in Goal-Driven Autonomy (M. Wilson, J. McMahon, D. Aha)
-> Control of a Robot Arm with Artificial and Biological Neural Networks (A. Shultz, T. Shea, H. Yanco, S. Lee)
12:10 Short paper presentations
-> Re-thinking the Sense-Plan-Act Abstraction: A Model Attention and Selection Framework for Task-Relevant Estimation (L. L.S. Wong)
-> Robots and Bananas: Exploring Deliberation in Cognitive Robots (J. Grosinger, F. Pecora, A. Saffiotti)
12:30 Lunch Break (and poster session)
14:00 Paper session 3: Taking Issue
-> Introduction to the session
-> A Plexil-Like Plan Execution Control in Agent Programming (P. Ziafati)
-> Case-Based Behavior Adaptation Using an Inverse Trust Metric (M. Floyd, M. Drinkwater, D. Aha)
-> A Visual Analogy Approach to Source Case Retrieval in Learning from Observation (T. Fitzgerald, K. Mcgreggor, B. Akgun, A.K. Goel, A.L. Thomaz)
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Paper session 4: Learning
-> Prediction Driven Behavior: Learning Predictions that Drive Fixed Responses (J. Modayil, R. Sutton)
-> PolicyBoost: Functional Policy Gradient with Ranking-based Reward Objective (Y. Yu, Q. Da)
17:00 Discussion
A coordinated, global effort to reunite AI and Robotics
17:30 End of Workshop


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