The AAAI-14 Workshop on
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
July 27, 2014, Québec City, Québec, Canada

Workshop location: Room 207, 2nd floor of the Quebec Convention Center

The fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics were strongly connected in the early days of AI, but have since diverged. With the advancements in both fields, there is now a renewed interest in bringing the two disciplines together towards the development of fully integrated intelligent robots. This workshop aims at providing a venue for the two communities to share their findings and goals and report such successful integrated efforts. The workshop addresses AI researchers interested in robotics and Robotics researches interested in AI alike, as well as researchers who are genuinely working in the middle ground.

Table of Contents:


One of the early goals of AI consisted of building complete intelligent robots. This goal has shown to be quite challenging, and AI and Robotics researchers have isolated its many facets and focused on making progress on each facet separately. Both AI and Robotics have matured enormously since those days, and today there is a growing interest in getting the two fields back together. Many in Robotics believe that the next quantum leap will come by adding capabilities which lie at the core of AI research, like task planning, knowledge representation, learning, and natural interaction. Symmetrically, AI researchers show interest in embedding their techniques in platforms that can perceive, reason and act in real, dynamic physical environments.

Despite this mutual interest, there is no mainstream venue where the AI and Robotics communities can meet. Researchers in either field are thus often unaware of the methodology, the successes and the limitations in the other one. The goal of this workshop is to contribute to the creation of a joint community of AI and Robotics researchers that can fill this gap.


The workshop will focus on inter-disciplinary works in the integration of AI and Robotics, with an emphasis toward the development of complete intelligent robots. The workshop will discuss questions like: (a) What are the methods and tools that can be transferred between the two fields? (b) What are the new research questions that must be addressed to enable this transfer? (c) What new application opportunities will be created? (d) What is the scientific profile needed to make progress in this combined field? (e) How can we foster the creation and consolidation of a truly integrated community?


We invite papers describing work on the above topics. Papers should enable AI and Robotics researchers to build upon each other's work, and should be relevant to the questions above. Papers only focusing on AI or on Robotics, with little attention to their integration, are not suitable for this workhop.

Contributions can be full-length papers (up to 6 pages in AAAI format) or work-in-progress papers (2 pages). They should be submitted in PDF format to the EasyChair system by the dealine below (April 10, 2014). All papers will be peer reviewed.

Important Dates

  April 10, 2014 Submissions deadline
  May 1, 2014 Notification of acceptance
  May 15, 2014 Final version due
-> July 27, 2014 Workshop day



Alessandro Saffiotti University of Örebro, Sweden (chair)
Nick Hawes University of Birmingham, UK
George Konidaris MIT CSAIL, Cambridge MA, USA
Moritz Tenorth University of Bremen, Germany

Program Committee

Georg Bartels   Chris Burbridge
Maya Cakmak   Bruno Castro da Silva
Esra Erdem   John Folkesson
Malik Ghallab   Fredrik Heintz
Joachim Hertzberg   Patric Jensfelt
Lars Karlsson   Alexandra Kirsch
Lars Kunze   Bruno Lacerda
Martin Levihn   Gheorghe Lisca
Tekin Mericli   Daniele Nardi
Scott Niekum   Simon Parsons
Andrzej Pronobis   Benjamin Rosman
Jon Scholz   Mohan Sridharan
Mary-Anne Williams   Michael Zillich

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