SAIS-SSLS 2003 Joint Workshop
April 10-11, 2003  -  University or Örebro, Sweden

Preliminary Program

April 10, 2003
9:00 Registration & Welcome coffee
10:00 Invited talk:
A computational cognitive architecture incorporating the interaction of implicit and explicit cognitive processes, by Ron Sun (Univ. of Missouri-Columbia) [abstract]
11:00 Paper session: Learning robots
  • Where is...? Learning and Exploiting Motion Patterns of Persons with Mobile Robots (Cielniak, Bennewitz, and Burgard)
  • A Genetic Algorithm for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (Duckett)
  • Model-Free Execution Monitoring in Behavior-Based Mobile Robotics (Pettersson, Karlsson, and Saffiotti)
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Invited talk:
Experiences from commercialization of AI-techniques in Sweden, by Peter Nordin (Chalmer Univ) [abstract]
14:15 Paper session: Pattern analysis
  • Generation and Revision Applied to Typographical Design (Reinerfelt)
  • Modeling Grouping with Recursive Auto-Associative Memory (Hansson and Niklasson)
15:00 Poster session (with coffee)
16:00 Invited talk:
The artificial hand project (preliminary title), by Christian Balkenius (Lund Univ) [abstract]
16:45 Leg stretching
17:00 SAIS & SSLS annual meetings
19:30 Workshop dinner


April 11, 2003
9:00 Invited talk:
Why we do not have intelligent robots... Yet!, by Alessandro Saffiotti (Örebro Univ) [abstract]
9:45 Paper session: Interaction with humans
  • Intelligent Reduction of Nuisance Alarms in Process Control (Ahnlund, Bergquist, Larsson, and Spaanenburg)
  • Shallow Processing and Cautious Incrementality in a Dialogue System Front End: Two Steps Towards Robustness and Reactivity (Lager)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 SAIS best Master's Thesis presentation:
Competitive Co-Evolution of Sensory-Motor Systems, by Gunnar Buason (University of Skövde) [abstract]
11:30 Paper session
  • Perceptual anchoring with indefinite descriptions (Coradeschi and Saffiotti)
  • Classification of psycho-physiological measurements in medical systems (Nilsson and Funk)
  • Reinforcement learning based on a bayesian confidence propagating neural network (Johansson, Raicevic, and Lansner)
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Tour of the AASS laboratory
15:00 Wrap-up discussion
15:30 End of Workshop


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