Special Issue of the Artificial Intelligence journal on
AI and Robotics
Guest editors: K. Rajan and A. Saffiotti


Published as Volume 247, June 2017

The fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics were strongly connected in the early days of AI, but have since diverged. With the advancements in both fields, there is now a renewed interest in bringing the two disciplines together towards the development of fully integrated intelligent robots. This special issue of Artificial Intelligence aims at providing a venue for the two communities to share their findings and goals and report such successful integrated efforts.

This special issue will collect in a single place a set of top-quality papers that report innovative and mature inter-disciplinary work in the integration of AI and Robotics. Papers that clearly show the added value of using existing AI techniques in robotic systems are welcome, as are papers that push the state of the art of AI techniques in order to make them applicable to robotic systems.

The Artificial Intelligence journal is the premier publication in the field of AI, with an impact factor of 2.25. The choice of this venue is representative of the importance of achieving a closer integration between the AI and Robotics research communities.

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