AAAI-2004 Workshop on
Anchoring Symbols to Sensor Data

Final Program

July 26, 2004
8:40 Welcome and Introduction
8:45 Invited talk: Multimodal anchoring for robust perception and attention in robot companions, by Gerhard Sagerer
9:30 Technical session
  • Identifying Perceptually Indistinguishable Objects (John F. Santore and Stuart C. Shapiro) PDF
  • Associating words to visually recognized objects facts (Andreas Knoblauch, Rebecca Fay, Ulrich Kaufmann, Heiner Markert, Gunther Palm) PDF
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Technical session
  • Autonomous learning for a cognitive agent using continuous models and inductive logic programming from audio-visual input (D. Magee, C.J. Needham, P. Santos, A.G. Cohn and D.C. Hogg) PDF
  • Towards Bootstrap Learning for Object Discovery (Joseph Modayil and Benjamin Kuipers) PDF
  • Anchoring Symbols by Mapping Sequences of Distance Measurements: Experimental Results (Erik Hoertnagl, Erich Prem, Patrick M. Poelz) PDF
12:30 Lunch
13:45 Invited talk: Stochastic Spatio-Temporal Grammars for Images and Video, by Jeffrey Mark Siskind
14:30 Technical session
  • Perceptual Anchoring via Conceptual Spaces (A. Chella, S. Coradeschi, M. Frixione, A. Saffiotti) PDF
  • A Biosemiotic Framework for Artificial Autonomous Sign Users (Erich Prem) PDF
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Technical session
  • Managing Dynamic Object Structures using Hypothesis Generation and Validation (Fredrik Heintz and Patrick Doherty) PDF
  • Have another look - On Failures and Recovery Planning in Perceptual Anchoring (Mathias Broxvall, Silvia Coradeschi, Lars Karlsson, Alessandro Saffiotti) PDF
  • Objects, Actions and Physical Interactions (A.P. del Pobil, E. Cervera, E. Chinellato) PDF
17:30 Workshop ends


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